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Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Grundmann LL.M.

  1. About Professor Grundmann
  2. Institute for European Business Law/Study Course International Business Law
  3. Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA)
  4. Publications
  5. List of Publications

1. About Professor Grundmann

Stefan Grundmann,

Stefan Grundmann, Prof. Dr. Dr., LL.M., has been Professor at Humboldt-University, Berlin, for German, European and International Private and Business Law since 2004. He heads the Institute for banking and capital market law (see below). He is currently the deputy of the faculty for the creation of the European Law School. From 2001 through 2004 he had been professor for the same subjects in Erlangen, where he also headed the interdisciplinary Institute for European Business Law and was responsible for the study course International Business Law. From 1995 he held a Professorship at the Martin-Luther-University in Halle-Wittenberg, where he founded their Institute for Business Law and the related study course in Business Law.
He is 46 years old, married with three children. Born in Munich, he studied in Munich, Aix-en-Provence, Lausanne, Lisbon and Berkeley. Initially he specialised in International Private Law and wrote a dissertation on the basic theme "Qualification" (1985) on which he based his further deliberations on international business law. He then concentrated on conflicts of law within integrated markets (Common Market). Today he specialises in three areas: his book on "Investment Fund Contracts" (1997) deals with the central themes in the area of foreign businesses management, including asset management services on a professional level. Civil law and business law are both covered, as is Bank and Capital Market Law (Financial Law), his second research speciality. His book "European Bank Supervisory Law" (1990), numerous papers and Commentaries on about half of the Bank Laws for the major Commentary Ebenroth/Boujong/Joost. This work is currently developed into a "Grey Commentary" Beck and was supported through the publication of the new magazine Bank and Capital Market Law (BKR). European Private Law is also comprehensively covered with his research into organisation and business management. His last speciality is in the area of European Contract Law (as per the ZGR special publication "European Contract Law" (1999)). Prof. Grundmann has also organised several conferences for the discussion of key topics and founded the Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA, see below). Since 2005 he is editor-in-chief of the European Review of Contract Law. In 2004 Prof. Grundmann published a "European Company Law" including Capital Market Law, that is both interdisciplinary and truly international. The book is one of 10 text books in a series on Law in the Common Market, called IUS COMMUNITATIS. Stefan Grundmann also studied philosophy and the history of art. He has written three books on the painting of Titian (1987), modern and postmodernist architecture (1995) and the architecture of the city of Rome (1997). He also encourages and teaches his students to take a broader perspective in their work. To this end, Stefan Grundmann organises interfaculty seminars on bank management and banking law and capital market law.

2. Institute for Banking Law and Capital Market Law/European Law School

The Institute for Banking Law and Capital Market Law was founded in 1994. It organises various Seminars, where practice meets academia and where often international and interdisciplinary aspects play an important role. It produces a series of publications together with de Gruyter. It has a large, international library.

The European Law School is currently established in collaboration with King's college London, University Paris II - Pantheon/Assas and Humboldt-University Berlin. It will lead to a triple degree, based on traditional national legal education which then is supplemented by modern European, Comparative and interdisciplinary aspects in the core area which each student may choose.

3. Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA)

In 2000/2001 a society for European contract law was founded which looks at the entire law from the integrated markets in Europe. The Society was intended to be international, interprofessional and interdisciplinary. The Society provides a discussion platform for the concept and regulation requirements of the core area of the central market process, i.e. contract law. Besides the discussion platform, an internet information platform (currently in German and in English) is being developed, which provides comprehensive, structured access to information concerning common market contracts (including transformations) and arranged according to legal instruments, institutions and general concepts. The Society in financially supported by a group of main sponsors from law firms and banks. The three founding members are Massimo Bianca (Rome, University della Sapienza), Hugh Collins (London School of Economics) and Grundmann.

4. Editorships and Publications

a. Magazines

b. Text book series on Common Market Law

Ius Communitatis (C.F.Müller) (text book series on European Law with 10 volumes each approx.. 300 pages: contract law, corporate law [own contribution ], competition law, bank and insurance law, industrial law, civil law process, administrative law, environment law, external trade law, intellectual property law; Corporate law appeared 2004, the remaining volumes follow in 2005 and 2006

c. Publications on European Contract and Business Law

European Private Law - section: European Contract Law (Secola), Kluwer Law International

d. List of Publications

Click here for a full list of Prof. Grundmann's publications. The monographs/commentaries written by Grundmann include: Banking Supervision in Europe, The Law of Fiduciary Relationships, European Contract Law, European Sales Law, European Company Law, German Banking Law, Law of Currency and Interests, Duty of Care and a host of contributions in German, European and International Contract Law, Banking Law and Company Law and some research on questions of method and system-building in the law.




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